Permanent Pre-printed Badges

Corporate Insignia ready-to-wear permanent name badges are ideal for management staff or low staff turnover.High quality premium name badges are still one of the most effective ways to promote your organisation.

Nothing works better than success. Corporate Insignia offers just that with No Minimum order requirement. Name Badges provide an ideal opportunity to present your organisation and its identity.Used for exhibitions and presentations, conferences and retail, your customers will know who your staff are and what their role is: all in a premium format, valuably enhancing your organisations perceived image.

MINUET 54 x 16mm

Permanent Pre-printed Badges

CLASSIC 70 x 19mm

Permanent Pre-printed Badges

MASTER 75 x 23mm

Master Permanent Pre-printed Badges

MAJORETTE 77 x 26mm

High quality Permanent Pre-printed Badges

MAJOR 74 x 36mm

perm major

OVAL PETITE 54 x 38mm

The Oval Petite - Corporate Insignia Company Name Badges

OVALETTE 63 x 35mm

Permanent Pre-printed Badges

OVAL Ultra 68 x 49mm

Oval Permanent Pre-printed Badges

OVAL PREMIER 68 x 49mm

Oval Premier Permanent Pre-printed Badges

Take a look at the Corporate Insignia range of quality permanent name badges and consider the benefits to be gained from the immediate impact that these superb products can have on your customers, delegates or staff.Consider the many star features of the Corporate Insignia name badges range.

  • No minimum order requirements
  • Available in gold, silver or white or bespoke
  • Full colour logos using the latest digital print technology
  • Elite 3D jewellers quality logos
  • Many sizes/styles to choose from 
    Magnetic or pocket tuck option for fine fabric protection
  • High impact
  • Competitive cost
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Guaranteed user satisfaction

While various print methods can produce amazing results, may we recommend our Elite logo to showcase your logo.

The advantages of this are many and include a three dimension to your name badge. Using the same methods as we use to make lapel pins, your Elite logo can be made from various metals, can be printed, engraved, die cut or screen printed. It can be flat or raised; less than 1mm thick or fully 3D (often a 2mm or 3mm thick Elite can add real value to the appearance of your badge and your company image). The Elite logo can be enamel finished, paint filled, polished, sand blast (what we call sandy), brush finished or epoxy finished.

In addition to these amazing benefits, you can order using these same Elite logos a range of other products.

On the Elite logo part only, we have a minimum order requirement of 100. So you can have 58 name badges (with a mix of pin, magnet, pocket tuck or combi clip and pin fastenings), 17 lapel pins, 5 tie clips and 10 pairs of cufflinks.

If you want to order 110 or 100,000 you can do this too. Mixing the types of products that use this amazing jewellers quality Elite logo piece.